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25th Nov 2022

Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work?

Does laser hair removal really work?
Are you thinking of laser hair removal but not quite sure if it’s worth it and if it really works? The dream is to be rid of that unwanted, unsightly excess hair (that seems to appear in more and more undesirable places) and for it not to hurt or cost a fortune but give you long-lasting results!
Here at the Laser Clinic Morpeth, we believe we can make that dream a reality. Our latest technology is called INITIA and it is leading the way in Laser Hair Removal (by the award-winning Lynton Group). INITIA Laser Hair Removal is different and we believe better than other treatments out there, as it has a unique specialised Laser Diode that is so powerful but gentle on the skin, and most of all it really works! The more powerful the laser the more permanent the results!
With INITIA Laser Diode, there are two modes; motion and standard. Motion mode activates the IceTip technology for virtually pain-free treatments, protecting the skin at the same time. It is so effective that it is suitable for all skin types (including male skin!) and importantly a very safe laser hair removal technology and it is super quick! We love this new treatment and we only offer the best to our clients! Come and have a chat with one of our experts about which body and facial areas you are wanting to be ‘hair-free’ forever! Book here for a  consultation.

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