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11th Apr 2024

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Really Work?

Are you Contemplating Tattoo Removal but wondering if Laser Tattoo Removal Really works?

Are you reconsidering a tattoo that no longer suits your style, or perhaps reverse your permanent makeup? Sometimes you make a decision thinking that you are sure but then after some time, trends and you change and you think differently! Once upon a time that was impossible with tattoos and you were faced with a lifetime of hiding it! Now times have changed and one thing that is universally accepted;  Lasers have emerged as the gold standard as the most effective treatment of Tattoo Removal. Technological advancements in laser technology have revolutionised the process, producing safer and more effective solutions than ever before.
Gone are the days when tattoos were thought to be indelible marks. Today’s lasers are fully capable to:
  • Safely and effectively eliminate tattoos
  • Reduce tattoo ink with fewer treatments
  • Address ink colors once deemed challenging to remove
While technological strides are key so is the expertise of the individual performing the removal. Your results also depend on the clinicians skill.
Before embarking on laser tattoo removal, it’s important to consider various factors for effectiveness, including:
  • Duration of the tattoo’s presence
  • Depth of ink penetration
  • Spectrum of colours present
  • Location on the body
  • Personal health considerations
  • Medication history
  • Prior experiences with scarring
A consultation provides an opportunity to address concerns and gain clarity on the process. Safety and efficacy are linked with attention to detail, including an assessment of your overall health.
Although laser tattoo removal has positive outcomes, certain side effects may arise. These can include temporary light or dark spots on the skin, which typically fade within a year. However, when performed by inexperienced individuals, more severe complications such as scarring or changes in skin texture may occur.
Also it is often necessary for multiple treatment sessions will be required for full removal . Given the layered nature of tattoo ink, a single session cannot fully remove it. Additionally, intervals between treatments allow for proper healing and the body’s natural release of fragmented ink particles.
Laser tattoo removal is the leading safe treatment for most individuals, however there a few exceptions. Those with compromised immune systems or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should wait before considering treatment. Quality lasers, such as Q-switch lasers, offer versatility and effectiveness across a wide range of skin types.
As for discomfort, laser removal may cause mild to moderate sensations. Numbing creams can alleviate discomfort, while advanced laser technologies like the Deka Studio Laser prioritise gentleness and comfort without compromising results.
The best  outcomes hinge on active after care by the client in line with treatment plan, following post-care instructions diligently, such as moisturizing the treated skin and avoiding sun exposure are vital for success.
In the pursuit of the most effective tattoo removal, steer clear of DIY solutions like creams, potions or DIY kits. These products often contain harsh chemicals that can damage the skin, leading to adverse reactions and incomplete removal the official bodies have also researched to find they don’t even work so it really is not worth the risk.
Here at Laser Clinic Morpeth, we prioritise client satisfaction and safety. Our investment in cutting-edge technology, such as the world renown Deka Studio Q-switch Laser, ensures remarkable results. With its innovative features like Flat Top Optibeam Technology and dual wavelengths, The Studio laser system consists of a laser source with Q-Switch and two pulse modalities: Q-Switched – Interaction through photoacoustic effect (Tattoos and pigmentary lesions). Free Running – Interaction through thermal effect (Rejuvenation. As 90% of tattoos being removed are dark/black pigments, the Studios 1064nm wavelength is perfect for removing dark colours. The Studio’s 532nm handpiece is ideal for the treatment of less frequent colours red, purple, and orange ink pigment. The majority of colours are treatable. However, rare, pale colours such as yellow and white are extremely difficult to remove with ANY laser. This is due to the lack of target chromophores to absorb the laser light. Overall they don’t get much better than this for laser tattoo removal and we take great pride in delivering complete client satisfaction.
While continuous research promises further reassurance, lasers remain unrivalled in their ability to deliver safe and effective tattoo removal. It is comforting to know you can trust the future of tattoo removal and have full treatment confidence, with the power of these amazing lasers. Why not get in touch with us today and book a consultation here.
and then we can go through everything with you. If you are ready and can’t wait to reverse that Tattoo decision, book directly here: Or call / message us on 07783 376702.
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