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14th Jun 2023

Focus Dual VS Morpheus 8

How Focus Dual Treatment compares to Morpheus 8 Treatment

Choosing between Focus Dual and Morpheus 8 is like picking your favourite flavour of ice cream—so who would come out on top in this heavyweight match for the title of skin rejuvenation world champion? Let’s take a look at their profiles, who would you want on your side in the fight against wrinkles and fine lines? Although they both use HIFU and Radiofrequency Microneedling there are some differences:
Personal: With Focus Dual, it’s like having a skincare magician waving their wand. You can customise the depth of the microneedles and the intensity of the RF energy separately. It’s like having a tailor-made treatment that fits your skin’s unique needs. It’s all about that personalised touch!
Delicate : Focus Dual knows how to handle the delicate areas of your face. It’s gentleness excels at treating under-eye concerns and the ever-so-sensitive neck region. 
Versatile:  Focus Dual has got some moves, with the ability to move all over your face and body. From addressing wrinkles to tackling uneven texture, you get more for your pennies with this comprehensive with this versatile device.
Morpheus 8 also has its own merits of flexibility, such as the ability to remodel subdermal adipose tissue and the simultaneous control over treatment depth and intensity. Focus Dual employs a cluster of ultrafine needles, whereas Morpheus 8 utilizes a matrix of needles.
Popular: Both Focus Dual and Morpheus 8 have a solid reputation  (like the cool kids that everyone wants to hang out with). they have earned their stripes in the market, impressing both practitioners and clients alike. When something has a solid reputation and a proven track record, it’s so reassuring when you are making the decision for the first time.
Ultimately, the decision between Focus Dual and Morpheus 8 should be made in consultation with a qualified skincare professional who can evaluate your specific needs and recommend the most suitable treatment option for you. Here at the Laser Clinic Morpeth, we have a wealth of experience and we can help you plan your skincare journey together.
So, whether you choose Focus Dual or Morpheus 8, rest assured that you’re in for a rejuvenating journey. Embrace the possibilities, and see the results for yourself with these award-winning devices. Contact us for a consultation today. Book online or call 07783 376 702
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