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30th May 2024

Laser Nail Fungus Treatment Does It Really Work?

Have you tried everything but you just cannot get rid of that nasty nail fungus?

Nail fungus. The name alone is enough to make you cringe, right? It’s a pesky, persistent and unsightly little problem that can turn your once beautiful nails into a discolored, thickened mess. You’ve probably tried everything from home remedies to over-the-counter creams, pills & powders with little to no success . But don’t give up hope just yet! The latest hero in the battle against nail fungus is here: the Deka Studio laser. And guess what? It actually works! Read our latest Blog to get the lowdown.

The Uninvited Guest

Nail fungus, scientifically known as onychomycosis, loves to crash your party without an invitation. It sneaks in as a tiny white or yellow spot under your nail and then decides to set up camp. Before you know it, your nail is discolored, thick, and crumbling.  It’s a tough guest to get rid of, especially with those old-school treatments that take forever and come with a laundry list of side effects. This uninvited guest is not going anywhere without a lot of serious coaxing!

All is not lost

However, in recent years nail fungus has been shaking in its boots 😊 as laser treatment is here and its getting better and more powerful to eliminate nail fungus forever! Unlike those creams that barely scratch the surface or the pills that can wreak havoc on your liver, laser treatment uses concentrated light beams to zap the fungus right where it has burrowed down. No more playing hide-and-seek ; this treatment goes straight to the source.

The Deka Studio Laser

Now, not all lasers are created equal. Here at the Laser Clinic Morpeth the world- leading Deka Studio laser is our choice as it is like the Iron Man of laser treatments so fungus should be aware! This is why we are fans:

Precision and Power

The Deka Studio laser doesn’t mess around. It delivers precise, powerful laser pulses that dive deep into the nail bed, taking out the fungal cells without harming the good stuff.  Plus, it can be customised to match the severity of your infection. We think that is next level stuff!

Safe and Comfy

One of the best things about the Deka Studio laser for nail fugus removal is that it’s super safe. The laser’s energy targets the fungus, leaving your healthy tissue alone. Most of our clients report feeling only a slight warming sensation during the procedure. No pain, and all to gain!

Quick and Easy

Forget those never-ending treatments. A session with the Deka Studio laser takes about 30 minutes, and you might only need a few sessions to start seeing results. Some people even notice a difference after just one or two treatments. Compare that to months of creams and pills, with little success and it’s a no-brainer.

High Success Rates

Clinical studies and real-life stories all sing the same tune: the Deka Studio laser works wonders. People who have battled nail fungus for years are finally seeing clear, healthy nails. The laser not only kills the fungus but also encourages the growth of new, healthy nail tissue. It’s like a fresh start for your nails. Clinical research trials show laser treatment success being as high as 90% with multiple treatments, whereas current prescription therapies are about 50% effective – the laser definitely ‘nailed’ it in those trials!

It’s sandal time again

So, does laser nail fungus treatment really work? With the Deka Studio laser, the answer is a definite yes. If you’re tired of hiding your nails and dodging open-toe shoes, if you are dreading the summer and having to expose those toes it’s time to give this cutting-edge treatment a try. Chat with our qualified & experienced clinician today to see if the Deka Studio laser is right for you. Book a consultation here.
Nail fungus can be a thing of the past and in just a few short treatments you can book that Pedicure along with clear, healthy nails to show off on your summer hols. Still have a few questions? why not call or message us on: 07783 376702 or book directly here
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