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14th Oct 2022

Menopause Awareness Week

Ladies – Let’s Talk About MENOPAUSE Skin Changes

As A Middle-Aged Women, I Have Been Going Through The Menopause For Three Years So I Know exactly Want You Are Going Through.

You’re not imaging it, if you feel like you’ve noticed a rapid onset of ageing skin concerns.

Unwanted hair.

Increased lines & wrinkles.

Saggy skin.

Loss of volume.

Skin rashes.

Dull skin.

Saggy skin around the neck.

Thinning skin.

Rosacea or increased flushing.

Acne/break outs.

From the age of 30 our collagen levels decline at around 1% a year. Menopause can see as much as 30% decline, incredibly quick (this is so unfair).

The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to boost your collagen levels and get your glow back.

If you would like any help getting to grips with your menopause skin please get in touch with The Laser Clinic Morpeth

Have a great day, Susan x


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