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25th Oct 2023

The Newcastle Climate and Its Effects on Your Skin

The Newcastle Climate and Its Effects on Your Skin 
Newcastle is a City like no other including its unique climate and accent. The old saying: ‘as unpredictable as the weather’ certainly is true around Geordie shores!  Autumn, in particular, brings about distinct changes sometimes described as having four seasons in a day which can certainly have a notable impact on our skin. As we prepare for the colder months, it’s good to understand how the Newcastle climate influences our skin and how we can adapt our skincare routines accordingly. One thing is for sure though the Geordie welcome remains consistently warm whatever the weather!
So Autumn in Newcastle of course temperatures begin to drop, and the air becomes not only distinctly cooler but drier. This change can lead to decreased humidity levels, which, in turn, results in reduced moisture in the atmosphere. As a consequence, our skin is more prone to dehydration, which can manifest as dryness, itching, and flakiness. To combat this focus on hydrating the skin with rich moisturizers and hydrating serums. However, some of the temperatures can be quite extreme in variance with temperatures ranging within double digits in a 12-hour period, our skin doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going!
The seasonal transition also brings about shorter daylight hours, which means reduced exposure to natural sunlight. While this can be beneficial in preventing sun damage, it can lead to vitamin D deficiency, which is essential for skin health. In Newcastle, where sunshine can be a little on the scarce side at times, it’s vital to consider incorporating vitamin D supplements or foods rich in this nutrient into your diet.
The fluctuating temperatures in Newcastle along with the strong brisk winds can cause the skin to become sensitive and reactive. The level of pollution in the air and debris in most cities can have a negative impact. Many of us reaching for gentle, fragrance-free skincare products to prevent irritation which promise to maintain the skin’s barrier function.
We have heard a lot about climate change over the years and can see and feel the consequences in our local climates but there is also an impact on our precious skin and just like our planet we should take care of it because we only have one and it has to last a long time! What sort of challenges are you facing in your skin health? Have you noticed a difference in your skin as the climate is changing? To keep your skin in its best condition, focus on hydration, protection from the elements, and maintaining a healthy diet. Adapting your skincare routine to the changing weather will help you enjoy the beauty of the season without compromising your skin’s health.
Of course, sometimes there are other more prominent skin concerns that the weather exasperates that may need a bit more intervention, here at The Laser Clinic Morpeth we are experts in skin solutions. We have a wide range of skin rejuvenation treatments including the amazing 3Juve fractional laser resurfacing and brightening treatment also ideal for pigmentation and rosacea. Get in touch today why not book a consultation with our experts to go over your specific skin concerns and desired results. Or call / What’s App 07783 376702



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