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16th May 2024

Top Tips For Laser Tattoo Removal

Are you considering Laser Tattoo Removal?

It is not an easy decision when reconsidering your once loved Tattoo and wondering whether it still belongs and represents you anymore. If you have decided it is not right for you and you are you considering laser tattoo removal the next important decision is how to get rid of it safely, effectively and quickly and for it not to cost you an arm and a leg!
However, to achieve the best possible results and ensure your skin heals properly, it is essential to follow expert recommendations throughout the process. Proper before and aftercare not only helps prevent complications but also maximises the effectiveness of your treatment.
Here at The Laser Clinic Morpeth we will support you every step of the way in your tattoo removal journey. In this Blog we dive into the top tips on how you can help maximise your success and speed up the recovery process following laser tattoo removal treatment.
When you are you ready for a change and want to say goodbye to that unwanted ink it is crucial you choose that right laser. We are passionate about the latest revolutionary laser called ‘Studio’ not only for its incredible safety records but it really does work on all skin types and all tattoos. With the very latest advancements in laser tattoo removal technology, removing your ink has never been more efficient or effective. Our Deka Studio Laser, we’re proud to bring you to the future of tattoo removal, where many old issues have become obsolete.  Its groundbreaking capabilities and state-of-the-art laser technology is only part of the story as its a team effort!, and your own part can impact the outcome and success of the treatment.

Top Physical and Mental Tips

Managing Expectations: With Deka Studio’s cutting-edge laser technology, managing expectations becomes easier than ever however its important to mention with some light blue and green ink the laser can achieve significant fading but cot complete removal . Our experts will provide you with a clear understanding of what to expect, backed by real before-and-after treatment photos showcasing the power of our technology.
Tattoo Location and Size?: Regardless of your tattoo’s location or size, Deka Studio’s laser technology ensures the very best results. Our advanced lasers penetrate deep into the skin, targeting even the most challenging tattoos with precision. So even if you are covered head to toe we can help! it may take a little longer but we can promise a new you.
Professional / Amateur Tattoos: Amateur tattoos are no challenge for Deka Studio’s advanced technology. Our laser efficiently targets uneven ink distribution and minor scar tissue, ensuring a smoother removal process. It loves a challenge and we are ready to rise to it!
Patience is a virtue: While multiple sessions may still be necessary, Deka Studio’s technology accelerates the removal process, reducing the overall treatment timeline. With our expert guidance, achieving your desired results becomes a reality sooner than you think. Buy you need to trust the process.
Cost of Treatment: Investing in laser tattoo removal with Deka Studio is not just about removing ink; it’s about investing in the future of your skin. Our competitive pricing ensures that reclaiming your skin’s appearance while protecting it!
Keep the area Clean and Dry: Proper hygiene is crucial for a successful recovery. Gently cleanse the treated area with mild, fragrance-free soap and water twice daily to prevent infection and promote healing.
Manage Any Swelling and Discomfort: Swelling and discomfort are rare but can be normal after treatment. Use cold compresses to alleviate symptoms. Use paracetamol if required rater than aspirin.
Protect from Sun Exposure: Make sure the treated area is protected from direct sunlight until fully healed to avoid complications. Cover up or apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher when outdoors to protect sensitive skin.
Stay Hydrated and Healthy: Hydration and nutrition play vital roles in the healing process and building a strong immune system. Drink plenty of water to aid ink particle removal and maintain a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals which is great for skin health.

Other Recovery Tips

  • Do not pick at scabs or blisters to prevent scarring and infection.
  • Avoid swimming or soaking in water to avoid the risk of infection for a while.
  • Limit very strenuous exercise to prevent irritation that could lengthen healing.
  • Wear loose, breathable clothing to aid healing, no tight clothes that may cling to the treated area.

Leading the way

Laser tattoo removal has become the no. 1 leading technology and in our opinion the only real option for anyone looking to remove unwanted tattoos. With modern technology and proper preparation, the process can be effective and relatively comfortable. Our experience and advanced technology means you can rest assured you will be in the best of hands: If you would like to chat with us why not book a consultation
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