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17th Apr 2024

What is the Hollywood Carbon Facial?

The Hollywood Carbon Facial – What is all the buzz about?

Glamour Meets Science!

In the glitzy world of Hollywood, where trends come and go faster than celebrity romances, there’s always something new making waves in the world of beauty and skincare. Just like the Hollywood Carbon Facial, the trending buzzworthy treatment is captivating the attention of stars and skincare enthusiasts alike. But what exactly is the Hollywood Carbon Facial, and why is it causing such a stir? In this blog we uncover the secrets behind this on-trend skincare phenomenon.

Also known as..

The Hollywood Carbon Facial, aka the Charcoal Laser Facial, Carbon Laser Peel or the Hollywood Peel, is a non-invasive skincare procedure designed to rejuvenate the skin and address a variety of common concerns, including acne, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, and dullness. Despite its name, the Hollywood Carbon Facial is not exclusive to Tinseltown; its popularity has spread far beyond the confines of the red carpet to become a sought-after treatment in only the very best skin and laser clinics worldwide. Just like us here at the Laser Clinic Morpeth we offer only the very best for our clients and love to make them feel like a million dollars!

How Does it Work? Not all Lasers are created equally

The Hollywood Carbon Facial is a combination of two key components: a carbon lotion and a laser device. The treatment begins with the application of a thin layer (not a mass of black charcoal substance like in some of those images you see!) of medical-grade carbon lotion to the skin’s surface. This carbon solution acts as a harmless potent exfoliant, absorbing impurities and excess oil from the skin’s pores.
Once the carbon lotion has been applied, a specialised laser is used to heat and gently vaporise the carbon particles. This process, known as photothermolysis, helps to stimulate collagen production, refine the skin’s texture, and promote cellular turnover.  The laser energy targets and destroys bacteria within the pores, making it an effective solution for acne-prone skin. 
Our Carbon Peel Laser Facial involves thinly pasting the Deka Peel carbon solution  on to the face and then removing it with cutting-edge Deka Nd YAG laser. Our treatment is pain-free and very safe with few clients finding some mild redness after treatment. Most clients will notice an immediate brightness and radiancy to their skin post treatment.
 We love this treatment for our clients and our specialist world-renown Deka’s peel carbon paste is formulated specifically for use with our Q-switch laser. The paste is a highly hydrating carbon peel product that leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and flawless. It contains hyaluronic acid to boost hydration and Vitamin B3 while the laser enhances natural collagen production, reduces inflammation, and improves acne lesions. It is very safe and can be used on all skin types, meaning it is not just for celebrities in Hollywood such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie and now it could be your turn! 

The Benefits: Why the Buzz?

So, what sets the Hollywood Carbon Facial apart from other skincare treatments? One of its main attractions is its versatility. Unlike some procedures that target specific skin concerns, the Hollywood Carbon Facial offers a comprehensive approach to skincare, addressing multiple issues in a single session. Whether you’re battling acne breakouts, struggling with uneven pigmentation, or simply looking to achieve a radiant glow, this treatment can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Is it Right for You?

While the Hollywood Carbon Facial offers promising results for many a famous celebrity you may be wondering if it is right for you, it’s therefore a great move is to consult with a qualified skincare professional first. We are skin specialists and we can go through everything with you. We can discuss your concerns and goals, and determine whether the Hollywood Carbon Facial is the right choice for you, as results may vary from person to person, and multiple sessions may be needed to achieve the best outcomes. book a consultation here.

The Verdict? – It’s a winner!

In tinsel town where appearances are everything, the Hollywood Carbon Facial has quickly emerged as a beauty essential for those looking to achieve flawless, camera-ready skin. Combining the glamour of Hollywood with the precision of medical science, this innovative treatment offers a red-carpet-worthy glow without the need for invasive procedures or lengthy downtime.
So, whether you’re preparing for a special event or simply treating yourself to a bit of self-care, now is the perfect time as we have a special offer buy 5 and get the 6th treatment free . From Hollywood to Newcastle the Carbon Facial, will deliver radiant, rejuvenated skin every time. To book direct click here:  or call / message us on 07783 376702.
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