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1st Dec 2022

When Is The Best Time To Have Laser Hair Removal?

When is the best time to have laser hair removal?

“All I want for Christmas is…”

to be free of that unwanted hair? (especially in those hard to reach places!)

What a festive treat that would be but is now the best time to start?

This season is not just an ideal time to ask for the things you really want but to plan ahead. If you want the smoothest skin with lasting results for 2023 there are many reasons that now is the ideal time to start Laser Hair Removal. Mainly though the treatment is more effective and safer during the winter months! Laser hair removal works better on untanned skin and aftercare is also safer after treatment, this is because it is important to protect your skin from potential harm to the recently treated skin and guard from direct UV rays and so it is much easier to manage this time of year. At The Laser Clinic Morpeth we encourage our beautiful clients to be as ‘pasty’ as possible for treatment and to start about now.. before glowing up!

Another consideration for getting cracking sooner rather than later is laser hair removal has a cumulative effect, so the results you want to see (and feel) may take repeated treatments before giving those truly lasting results for that hair free beach body! So from now until the big bikini reveal, you can spread treatments.

Here at Laser Hair Removal Morpeth we can approach your treatment plan for super smooth skin together! Our award-winning Lynton Diode Laser is effective, innovative, pain free and clients have been so impressed with their quick results.

We want to give you what you want this Christmas so we have a special gift just for you. During this Festive season, we are offering a free treatment when you buy 5 treatments. Now that is the top reason that it’s the best time for Laser Hair Removal. So if you want to reveal silky skin inside your stocking book in now for a consultation or treatment.

Need ideas for Christmas gifts? Why not buy our Christmas Gift Card and treat your daughter, sister or wife, (maybe your husband could do with being a little less furry). We have a variety of treatments including other Laser treatments visit our website for a full treatment list.

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