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15th Dec 2022

Which Is The Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment – How to Choose

There are many Laser Hair Removal Technologies on the market and within Laser Clinics up and down the country so how do you know when you book a treatment whether it is the right one for you?
With standard Laser Hair Removal Treatment there are questions everybody wants to know before they take the plunge like anything for the first time there is apprehension and a little bit of fear of the unknown, after all, you don’t want it to be a hairy experience!
Will it hurt? Will it work? How many will I need? How long will it take? What will it look like after? When should I have it?
 The answers to these questions will be similar for most Laser Hair Removal Treatments so what makes Lynton’s Initia Laser so special? Well if we start with; Will it hurt? With most, you can feel what is commonly described as the ‘hot snap’ of an elastic band during treatment which most describe as ‘virtually’ pain free! But if we can remove the word ‘virtually’ then even better and with the Initia treatment clients report feeling no sensation at all. The IceTip technology when in the Motion mode creates more comfort especially when treating an area with lots of thick, dark hair. Furthermore, it is designed to reach temperatures of -8°C for additional minimal discomfort.
Next, will it work and how many will I need? With Initia the specialised Diode Laser has been given the seal of approval by the scientific community and acknowledged as delivering the best hair removal results. This has gone on to win awards (Aesthetic Awards) due to its effectiveness in just a few sessions and with minimal side effects on the skin. This specialised technology is different because it delivers power without the intensity of some other technologies that come with some risk or don’t work completely on certain skin types. Initia creates permanent results after only 6 sessions. For a laser to be effective it has to have high power because if less energy is applied the hair follicle will only be weakened, not eliminated. Finally, when and where should you have Laser Hair Removal ? that is an easy answer here at The Laser Clinic Morpeth of course! we are fully trained experts in using the Initia treatment and to give you a special present for Christmas we will offer you a free treatment, so if you purchase a course of 5 we will give you the last and final treatment for nothing.
Pain free treatment ready for a hair free holiday and at a great price. Get in touch today on 07783 376702 to book in for a free consultation.
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